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submission on same computer


Hello I have some problem when my student submitted the task on the same link same computer they will see the answer' s previous student because they use the same computer. How I can solve this problem I don't want the task show the answer when click the same link on the same computer. Thank You.  

by Krisnakorn Tonkhamhak


Hi Krisnakorn,

You have different options to avoid this problem.

When a student submits a task we have added a Logout link at the top of the page, if the student that has submitted their answers click on the logout link, the next student won't be able to see the previous answers.

Another option is to use an Incognito window in the browser, and when students have submitted their answers the just need to close the browser window.

We hope this is helpful for you and allows you to solve the problem.

Kind regards.

Oh Thank You so much the problem has SOLVED