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Students' submission


I subscribed for the Gold Plan in which I can keep my students' submission for 1 year. However, my subscription ended and so I am automatically put on the Free Plan. All of my students' submission have now been removed as it has passed 1 month on the Free Plan.

My question is, if I resubscribe to the Gold Plan now, will I be able to retrieve all my students' submission?

by Teacher Tiara


Hi Tiara, 

Yes, if you subscribe again with the same account you will be able to see all of your student submissions that are less than a year old. 

Have a good day 

Hi @Chrisian, 

I have the same issue here and I got offered a gold plan again after completing the quick survey of yours. 

However, all my students' submissions don't seem to have been retrieved as mentioned above. 

Can you suggest a solution here?  I will very much appreciate it if I can retrieve those submissions because it's empty now. Thank you.

Best regards,


Shane Smithtiwin 02/02/2022

Hi Shane,

I apology for the inconvenience. We have solved the problem and your submissions should appear in your account.

If the problem persists, please contact us again.

Have a good day