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Student can't submit his work



I have a student who can't submit his work. When he clicks finish at the bottom, he gets the "are you sure" pop up, but then nothing happens on his end. Nothing shows up on on my end either.

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by p y



Please can you tell us the worksheet or task that this is happening? We'll take a look and get back to you.


It is in my 6 Science group, and he hasn't been able to submit any assignments. So the sheets are Solar System Sort, Planets in the Solar System, Mass vs Weight, ISS Worksheet and Canada Arm.

I had him try to submit it yesterday while sharing and screen,  nothing...

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p y 04/06/2023


We've been able to send the assignments without any problem in that group and worksheets. The worksheets, for example the Canada Arm one, have all questions as open-ended and this open-ended questions have to be corrected manually. If you want to change that you need to uncheck the open-ended checkbox and define one or more correct answers.

The group you are referring to has some submitted assignments (pending correction), so please if the problem persist, give us a little more detail about the situation, what browser are you using, does the student access from their TopWorksheets account, ... 


Yes, most students haven't had an issue. And yes, I am aware that I made many of the answers open ended. 

When "Robert" tries to submit his assignments, it doesn't work. He is a student that normally submits his work very quickly. He is doing his assignments, but I'm not getting them. We did a test together, where he shared his screen to show how nothing would happen when he tried to submit his work. He is on an iPad using Safari

p y 04/11/2023

Is this happening on all the assignments? Or only on a specific one. If the later, please tell us which task is giving you problems so we can investigate further,

Unfortunately, it has happened to all of his assignments.

p y 04/12/2023


We have found the issue and it's now fixed. Your student will be now able to submit his work.

We had to modify his name and surname as it was too long and gave problems when submitting the tasks.

Apologies for the inconvenicences this issue caused.