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. . . Speaking worksheet - audio transcription.

Hello TopWorksheets team !

You guys are doing a great job ! . . . . Just got to know about you guys . . . 

Is it possible to have a transcription of the user's voce recording rather than their own voice ?

Thank you !

Mateus Santiago

by Teacher Mateus


Hi Mateus,

First of all, thanks a lot for your kind words.

As for the transcription of voice answers we currently have this on our minds but we don't have a release date yet, sorry.

We hope we can announce it soon.

Have a nice day.

. . . Oh, I see ! 

. . . Yes, I really hope you guys can add it to the website . . . that is all I need to leave LiveWorksheets and start working with you guys, hehe . . . 

Thanks for your reply !

Best regards,

Mateus  :0)


Teacher Mateus 10/22/2022