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. . . Speaking worksheet - audio transcription.


Hello TopWorksheets team !

You guys are doing a great job ! . . . . Just got to know about you guys . . . 

Is it possible to have a transcription of the user's voce recording rather than their own voice ?

Thank you !

Mateus Santiago

by Teacher Mateus


Hi Mateus,

First of all, thanks a lot for your kind words.

As for the transcription of voice answers we currently have this on our minds but we don't have a release date yet, sorry.

We hope we can announce it soon.

Have a nice day.

. . . Oh, I see ! 

. . . Yes, I really hope you guys can add it to the website . . . that is all I need to leave LiveWorksheets and start working with you guys, hehe . . . 

Thanks for your reply !

Best regards,

Mateus  :0)


Teacher Mateus 10/22/2022

 . . . Hello Christian ! . . . . I hope you are well !

Is there any news on the speech to text update, please ?

. . . Thanks !

Teacher Mateus 02/09/2023

Hi Mateus,

We still have not addressed this feature, sorry. And we still don't have a release date for this, but we will look into it soon.

Apologies for the delay.

 . . . Ahhh, I was really hoping for it to be out soon . . . . Well, it is OK . . . . No worries  . . . let's wait then !

Thank you Christian !

Teacher Mateus 02/10/2023

Hi Mateus, 

If we are going to start looking at this we need to fully understand it. Correct me if I'm wrong, you want that answers in voice answer fields can be read as a transcript. Is that it? 

 . . . Humm, no, not really !

It is just a simple speech to text field that can be used as an auto correction exercise . . . . which is faster than checking students own voice recordings...

Let me share some examples :




I have no idea how it works . . . but it is very easy for us teachers to create and check students understanding or pronunciation. . . 

Thanks for your time Christian !


Teacher Mateus 02/11/2023

Hi Mateus,

Good news! We have just added the Speech to text field. You can find it in the visual editor and the worksheet builder. We tried to make it as simple as possible.

You can also check the help section for help on how to create worksheets with this field.

We hope this is useful for you.

 . . . . Yaaaaaaaaaay, that's fantastic newsssssss !

Thank you SOOOO much !

I really appreciate it !

I will have a look, thanks !!

Teacher Mateus 02/24/2023