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Show graded worksheet to students



I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I'm not really sure how to word the question.

I have an open group for my advanced class and I normally just create auto-correct worksheets. This time I have open ended questions and will have to grade it manually.

Is it possible to send the students a code to access the graded paper after it's done?

I want to discuss the quiz in the next class and thus give the students access to their specific worksheet.

Thanks for any suggestions!

by Xavier Bit


Hi Xavier,

On open groups students can see their last submission after they have finished the worksheet. After finishing it they can access if they open the link of the assigned worksheet in the same device they used to answer it.

If none of this things are possible in this case you can tell the students to save the submission as a PDF after they submitted it and you can use the PDF document to discuss correct or incorrect answers.

We hope this helps you in this situation.

Kind regards.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the quick reply... you never sleep, do you? :)

So the link to the worksheet will load the graded version later on if used on the same device (i assume a cookie has been set)? I didn't knew this is possible.

Xavier Bit 03/07/2024

Hi Xavier,

We do try to sleep :)

Yes, that's correct, if used on the same device the link will load the last submission sent.

We are glad this helps you.

Just to be clear, you say 'the link loads the last submission'. In this case it would show the graded version, correct?

Xavier Bit 03/07/2024

Once its graded it will do that. If it's not graded it will show the last answers sent without a grade.

That's perfect, I'm impressed!

Thanks again for your help :)

Xavier Bit 03/07/2024