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Hi, I am trying to find worksheets to practise giving and following directions, but after the first three pages of results I start getting other types of worksheets, I think it is because your search engine looks for similar words, too, so it is finding worksheets that mention direct objects and directives, too, like these:


Maybe you could add the possibility to use wildcards, like direct*, for those who really want similar words included in the search, and do the default search by looking only for the exact words we write in the search box?

by Juan José


Also, if I look up this, using inverted commas:


I get two results for the same worksheet, but one of them does not exist any more.

Juan José 08/21/2023

Hi Juan Jose,

Can you tell us the exact search term you are using so we can look at the results? 

We'll look into finding some way to do exact matches, but the current method of searching related words works well for most of the teachers, so we would prefer not to change the default.

About the duplicate results, it's already been solved, it was an error.


Sacha TopWorksheets 08/21/2023

I just used the word "directions" to look for worksheets about giving directions to get to a place in a town. Some of the undesired results included "direct object" and "directives" (about reported speech), probably also "direct speech", because there were a few worksheets about reported speech in the results.

Are you using a list of related works for each term we look up? In that case, it might be enough to delete "direct" and "directives" from the list of words considered derivates of "directions".

Juan José 08/21/2023

Hi, we have just checked this search and it's working supposed.

The search engine first shows the most similar worksheets to the search term, and then also shows other worksheets with similar terms, as many times titles are written in different (or even incorrect) ways. This is similar to how Google and other search engines return their results, to make it easier for teachers to find worksheets. We can't remove specific cases, as we don't have a list of derivatives, but use a stemming technique to find related words.

Anyways, we are looking for some way to allow to search exact matches, we'll announce it if we can find the way.


Sacha TopWorksheets 08/22/2023

Maybe if we look for a word in inverted commas it could just look for worksheets with that specific word, spelt as it is?

Juan José 08/22/2023