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scoring issue


U5B Post-test (this is our first try giving a math test using Topworksheet)

How is the total score for worksheet 40? I keep counting 33 - I have tried a couple different ways.

How is this worksheet 34 questions? I count 27 questions with points. (there are 34 boxes but some are not score)

* can the points be half points - for instance in the multiple choice....

A:  0pts          B: 0.5 pt       C:  0 pts        D: 1 pt

* for formula question/answers - even if the question is 1 point. - we would like the option to give students 0.5. 

I see in the drawing box with pts - you gave us a combo box for pt options, but sometimes we give 2.5 points.

by Kelly Lesko


Hi Kelly,

There was an error counting the total score that has been fixed. You should now see the correct total score for this worksheet.

About the number of questions, a question that doesn't count towards the final score is a also question, but we have added a new information field for "Number of questions with score".

About the half points, you can weigh the points of the questions, if you want a question to count half you can assign a double score for the other questions. It may look harder, but you can have a lot more different options and the point system shown to the student doesn't have to deal with decimals.

Apologies for the inconveniece with the total score.