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Saving "error"


Hello every one, 

I tried to save my new worksheet but it had "error" and I couldn't save any of them. Could you please help me out?

Thanks very much 

by Nguyệt



Could you please specify us which worksheet gave you the error? It'd be great to know what the error said also.

We are going to take a look at this, but any additional info would be great.



Thank you for your response.

I created a new worksheet, but when I was trying to save it, the screen just show the word "error" and I was unable to save the worksheet. 

Then I needed to use a draft and edit the draft then I could save that draft. 

Nguyệt 03/18/2023

Hi Nguyệt,

Could you tell us which worksheet gave you this problem? Is the last one you created? If we can identify which one we can investigate the source of the problem.



I am right now trying to save a draft but impossible. 

Nguyệt 03/21/2023

It looks like the image I've attached

Nguyệt 03/21/2023


Please can you try it again? Probably it will give you an error again, but we have added an internal monitoring tool so we can see where is the source of the problem.

Apologies for the inconvenience.