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Reopen a "Finished" Worksheet?


I had several students click "Finish" on their worksheets even though they weren't done in order to save their answers. How do I reopen the worksheet so that they can actually finish it? In the future, how do I let them save their answers when they don't have time to finish? 

by Paula Rotschafer


Hi Paula,

Once the have sent you the answers by finishing the worksheet the work can't be resumed. The answers are automatically saved when students are doing the task, if they are in an open group they will be locally saved in the computer/device and if they are in a closed group the answers will be saved in their accounts and they can resume the work from any computer/device.

Also there is a way to improve that, if you activate the option "Allow students to resubmit the task by only redoing incorrect answers from last submission" when creating a task even if students have submitted their work they can continue answering only the questions marked as incorrect. Beware that this, like the answer saving feature, will only work on the same device on open groups.

We hope we solved your doubts,
Kind regards.