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Record your answer box covers screen


Hi, I've noticed that the box to 'Record your answer' is quite large and covers a big part of the screen. In my case, the students need to be able to see the text behind it to reference in their answer (at least it would be much easier). Is there anway to either make this box smaller or allow the students to move it around on the screen?

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We'll try to find a solution for this issue. We'll keep you posted.


Thank you! I hope you can find a solution soon because I had promised to incorporate this into my homework for my students because I saw it was available. But at the moment, I can't use it how it is.

Charlie Ziese 01/26/2023

Hi Charlie,

We have added the possibility to move the windows that appear while solving a worksheet. Students can move the window by dragging on the title of the window and position it anywhere on the screen.

This applies to "Record your answer" window on Voice answer and Video answer fields and "Play your answer" window on Video answer fields.

Hope this is useful for you.

That's perfect, thanks so much! Really appreciate you listening to your user's feedback and implementing it so quickly. Hard to find that these days! :)

Charlie Ziese 01/27/2023