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Publish worksheets in my blog



I have a blog that I use with my students and other teachers for my school and I've seen the option to embed a worksheet in my page but I have a question, if I do that will my students grades sync with my TopWorksheets account?


by Lee Park



Yes, if you publish worksheets in your blog when your students finish the worksheets they just need to type your email and their name and group, and their grades and submissions will appear on your account.

But maybe there is a more appropiate option, you can embed a task (an option we added some time ago) and your students will be able to send you their grades and submissions without using your email address just adding their name or id. The submissions will appear automatically in your group.

To embed a task you just need to go to the Assigned tasks page, click on the desired task and select the option "Embed task in my website".

Hope that information is useful for you.