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Problem with downloading corrections (as well)


Hello, I'm having the exact same issue mentioned in a previous comment. I wasn't sure if I should add on to that comment or send my own, so apologies in advance.

I just noticed this issue today. If you look at the images below. The one on the left is how it looks when I make a text box with corrections. The image on the left is how it looks once the document is downloaded.

As the previous comment mentioned, before when I added text boxes with corrections and downloaded the worksheet, the images would show exactly the same. Now the box appears lower than it was, and the text does not align. Please find the link below with the document I've been working with, although it appears to be happening on all of them.

Again, this only started happening within the last day or two, as before it worked perfectly.


Thanks in advance!

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for reporting this. We have fixed this issue, there was a mismatch in the position calculation process. It should not happen again.

Please, it would be great if you could check that on new annotations this problem does not occur anymore.

Unfortunately the already created annotations need to be moved manually as the position was incorrectly calculated.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi! Thanks for looking into this but there sitll seems to be an issue.

The boxes are now staying in the same spot - so that problem seems to be fixed, but there are still two more issues I've noticed. In the image below, the first image is how it looks when I'm adding corrections, and the second image is how it looks once it has been downloaded.

1. Although the box is in the right spot, the text alignment seems to still be off within the box.

2. In the left hand red box on the second image, you can see some additional text boxes. I had added them, but then deleted these yesterday, and they no longer show when I'm working on the document, but they appear when I download the document. 


Charlie Ziese less than a minute ago

Charlie Ziese 11/04/2023

Hi Charlie,

We will look into it and keep you posted.

Kind regards.

Hi Charlie,

We have solved both errors. If you download the submission again, it should show these fields correctly.

Thanks for your comprehension.

Kind regards.

Thank you so much for all your help! Everything seems to be working perfectly now. I really really appreciate all your help. This type of support is so hard to find these days with companies. They seem to busy to listen to customer feedback and actually take action. You guys not always listen, but your response time is amzing. I've been singing your praises to all my fellow teachers. Thanks again for your always quick and helpful support! :)

Charlie Ziese 11/06/2023

Thanks a lot for your kind words.