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Problem with downloading corrections



When I download submissions, I'm having a problem with text boxes in which I write my corrections. 

It usually happens that I can see the text box with my correction totally fine before downloading the worksheet, and after I download it, I see that not all the words appear in the text box. It's as if those missing words are moved downwards in the text box during the downloading process, but I cannot see them because the size of the text box remains the same. So, what I do is to go back to the worksheet in question, make the text box bigger, and then download it again, but these modifications don't appear in the new downloaded submission. I've tried downloading one worksheet twice, and the same thing happened: the text box remains in the same way as in the first downloaded pdf. 

What could be the problem? 

Thanks for reading.


by María Laura


Hi Maria,

Please can you send us a link of a submission where this is happening? We will investigate the cause.

You can send us the link here or by email at support@topworksheets.com.

Kind regards.

Hi Maria,

Another teacher has pointed out the same problem and it has been fixed.

It shouldn't happen again on newly created annotations. Unfortunately the already created annotations need to be moved manually as the position was incorrectly calculated.

Apoiogies for the inconvenience.