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Possiblity of students leaving notes on the worksheet

Hi, I was wondering if there would be any chance to give students the option of adding a note on their worksheets (in any place)

For example, I have students who often come across new vocabulary and would love to be able to add a note on the worksheet so we can review these words later. 

Or if they have some concerns about an answer and want to propose a question. 

It would be super helpful if they had the option to leave a type of "post-it" on the worksheet to make note of these things. I know there's some option to leave comments when submitting, but I feel it would be more helpful to leave a note on the worksheet. 

Please let me know if this is a possibility, the request has come from several of my students now so I wanted to reach out to you guys. 

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

As you said when you assign a task you can activate the task option called "Allow students to add a comment when submitting the task", like in the screenshot below.

Comment task option

As an alternative, if you want to allow students add a note regarding a specific question or worksheet section you can add a Written answer field that doesn't count towards the score. They can add the text they want without affecting the final score.

Hope this is useful for you.

Yes, I'm aware of those options, I was just hoping there could be something more ike the teachers have for adding comments, but for the students (and obviously more limited.

The comment at the end is good for more general comments but not adding notes about specific things, and adding a written answer field can clutter a worksheet. So I had hoped there was an option for students to add a note, if needed - while keeping the worksheets professional and clutter-free. 

Charlie Ziese 05/12/2023