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Please add the number field.

I need a field for students to enter a number before submitting their answers. Originally, there was only a name field. Because I have to teach almost 400 students in 10 classrooms.


Hello. What exactly do you mean by "number field"? Do you need a field where students can only input numbers?

If you can explain a bit further, we'll look into it and try to add what you need.

Best regards.

Sacha TopWorksheets 05/30/2022

Yes, I need a field where students can input their numbers (student number in classroom) when sending the answers.


To achieve that you just need to create a Written answer field and check the option "This question won't count towards the final score" available in all answer fields. Here you have an screenshot of the option

Doing that students will be able to enter their classroom number so you can identify them easily.

Another option is create a task, in a task when the students finish the worksheet they need to type down their name or student number.

Hope that solves your doubts,
Have a good day

I see that field won't count in the total score as your advice but if the system can add the student classroom number field and show them on Student submissions page. It will makes teachers work faster. 

Thank you. :)


That would be the second option I gave you in the previous comment. If you create a task students will be required to add an identification when finishing the task, they can use a name, a number or whatever identification you use. This identification will appear in the submission's list, so you can find them faster and in the individual submission page so you can easily know which of your students submitted these answers. 

If you have any more questions, please let us know or check the help section that explains this a lot of other things. 

Have a good day