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Non-alphabetical order


When I am assigning a worksheet and I try to select one or more students from a group, they don't appear in alphabetical order. Do you think you could you have a look at this, please?

Thanks in advance.

Another thing: I haven't tried registering students manually (which is a great idea for next year), but I'm worried about that warning to save the data to a pdf at the moment of registering, because it won't be available later. What I've done this year is write FIRST the document with my students' passwords, and THEN I register them (I copy and paste their user names and passwords to avoid errors, to make sure they are all registered, and to be able to remind them their password when they lose it).

So, would it be possible to download FIRST the pdf document with their data, and confirm THEN that you want to register them? Just in case something goes wrong, like an Internet connection failure, and they are registered but the teacher can't give them their user names, because in that case, if the teacher has included their e-mail addresses, they can't be used again to re-register them.

by Juan José


Hi Juan José,

The issue with the alphabetical order has been fixed. You should see the students ordered by their names.

About the process of adding students manually, if something goes wrong like duplicated emails or usernames, you won't lose the data as it will appear again in the text inputs. So don't worry about losing the data in any case.

Kind regards.

Thank you so much!

Jose C 11/03/2023