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Need to download a lot of PDFs



I created a task for my students and they all enjoyed it very much. But now I have to handle them the printed task so they can show it to their parents and there are a lot of submissions to download. Is there a way to do that faster or to avoid downloading them one by one? I have the Gold plan.


by Luis Alberto Quispe


Hi Luis Alberto,

Yes since you have the Gold plan there is a faster way.

You just need to go to the page of the group which the task was assigned to and find it in the list of Assigned tasks.

On the actions menu of the task (the menu appears clicking on the 3-dot button) you will find one of the options with the name Download all submissions.

Once you click it it will explain that this generates a download link that will be sent to your email and will allow you to download a compressed file with all the submissions of this task and group. The link, once you received it, expires in 5 days. But don't worry you can always generate it again if you need.

Also, you can do the same with all a student and group submissions, that way you can download all the student work on this group at once. To do that you just need to click on the Download all submissions link on appropiate student row of the the students tab list in the group.

Hope we solved your doubts.