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Move folder into another folder / Move multiple worksheets at once



Is it possible to move a folder into another folder as a sub-folder.  I know I can create a sub-folder, and I can move individual worksheets. But is it possible to move an entire folder into another one?

Also, is it possible to select multiple worksheets and move them into a folder all at once. Instead of having to click on each one and select the option.

Sorry! Lots of questions - but it's because I love your site so much so after trying it out for a bit, and now I'm trying to get more organized as I plan to use it for the long term! :)

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We are working on a fast way to move worksheets into folders.

We hope to have it available soon.

Hi Charlie,

We just add the feature to drag worksheets onto folders so you can organize the worksheets faster. You can drag worksheets to the folders above and drag a worksheet onto the "Go back" icon to get it on the previous level.

We hope this is useful for you.

Have a nice day.

Great! That will be a huge help. Thanks so much. :)

Charlie Ziese 01/30/2023