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More Annotation Tool


Hi, Thank you for your great webpage, we usually use more annotation tools when grading, Please, add more annotation tools like: pen, eraser, figuers (squares, rectangles), emojis. etc.

Also, to teach English we use pronunciation tools, I really appreciate if you can include a voice typing answer with selfgrading method.




Hi Wilfredo,

Thanks for your suggestions, we will try to improve our annotation and voice answer tools.

I too look forward to have more annotation tools 

Jom Learn English 03/03/2023

Hi Jom, 

We just added line, arrow, check mark, question mark, cross mark, star and highlight tools. 

Are you thinking on any concrete tool? We will see if we can add it. 

Hi, you deleted the pen option, that was an amazing tool. I hope yot set it back. Some times we need to point and connects ponts in different positions. 


SENA ENGLISH 03/05/2023


The draw tool on the annotations was diificult to use and did not produce the best results for the annotations on submissions. It is not coming back.

We've added 6 new tools to give teachers as many options as possible. But we will investigate how to improve or add new ones to cover all the needs.

Best regards.