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May 2023 updates


Today we bring you the TopWorksheets' updates that have been added during May 2023, we hope you like them.

More than one correct answer in Dropdown field.

With this update you are now able to specify more than one correct answer per Dropdown field, so the answer will be correct if students choose any of the answers marked as correct. Availble on both the visual editor and the worksheet builder.

Improvements Dropdown field

Text to Speech improvements.

We have partnered with Google to offer improved and more natural voices. Now you will have to generate the voice while we are editing the worksheet, and the improved voice will be the same to all students independently of their operating system or browser. Availble on both the visual editor and the worksheet builder.

Text to Speech

New field type: Interactive video.

This is one of our biggest update this year. The Interactive video allows you to ask questions to the students while they are watching a YouTube video or one of your own videos.. This way student can listen to an interactive lesson and remember it better by answering questions. Availble on both the visual editor and the worksheet builder.

Interactive video field

Duplicated submissions detection.

We have implemented a system that allows teachers to detect submissions that have been duplicated. If any student tries to take advantage by sending a submission without their name to obtain the correct answers, once he sends the submission with the correct name it will be detected and a message will appear to the teacher in the submission.

Use a grid in the visual editor.

To better align content in the visual editor you can now activate a grid from the grid button in the top bar. You can also adjust the size of the grid.

Grid in visual editor

Departments in the school plans.

Schools that are subscribed to a School plan can assign the worksheets to school departments so it's easier to organize and to share the worksheets between the school teachers.

We hope you like these updates.

by Christian TopWorksheets