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Hello! Here you have the latest news TopWorksheets has had in June:

Very complete worksheet builder

Take a look at the builder! We have added many new fields with the aim that you will find it as useful as the editor. Tools to join elements, create word searches, fields that allow students to respond with audio, video or image, tools such as drawing and even activities to fill in and indicate elements in an image. 

In addition, the option to add links or any media files in the worksheet builder fields is now available.

Keyboard shortcuts

In the visual editor, you will be able to create worksheets at high speed thanks to the keyboard shortcuts. With this, you will take advantage of the editor by speeding up the work process. Copy, paste, resize fields, select them or edit them are some of the actions that you can do with these hotkeys. 

New fields

Formula answer: A type of question that allow you to add a blank field that students have to fill in with a formula or an equation. 

Video answer: This will allow students to answer a question by recording a video. A tool with many possibilities and with which you can create a very attractive worksheet. 

Fill on image: Already mentioned and available in the worksheet builder. Allows students to fill in concepts related to an image. Very useful, for example, to create activities with maps. 

Changes in My Groups

With a much more visual appearance, new submissions are now viewed directly from the menu sidebar. With just a glance, you can see the number of new submissions you have pending and to which group they belong

We hope you liked the news! If you have any questions, leave it in the comments.

by Cristina TopWorksheets