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Interactive video feature not working

I'm having some trouble with the interactive video feature. First, it had some error and lost my questions. Now, I've done it again but it says I can't preview or save the file. It just gives me a box with the word 'error'. Not sure what I'm doing wrong - this is my first time trying out this feature. Here's the link to the worksheet I'm struggling with: https://www.topworksheets.com/teacher/worksheets/edit/677e8a0c-70d1-46de-b5fe-5ad0f343d3f9
by Charlie Ziese


Charlie Ziese 08/28/2023

Hi Charlie,

Sorry to hear that. We will investigate what could be the problem and get back to you.

Kind regards.

Hi Charlie,

Looking at the worksheet the interactive video field has empty question and answers, that's why it gives an error when saving the worksheet. You can edit the interactive video and modify the current question and answer to add it some text or add a new one by clicking on the Edit video questions button after selecting the field.

We are going to improve the validation of this field type to avoid this error but adding a text to the question and answer will solve this issue.

Kind regards.

Ok great, thanks for the clarfication. Seems to be working fine now. :)

Charlie Ziese 09/08/2023