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I have invited many teachers to join the platform, but I didn't get the free month as I got at first



I really want to register an appropriate plan but I need time to used to it and choose the best one. So, I found it a good opportunity to take time for that and use the referral program at the beginning. 

The question is :

"why it's "pending referral" of many accounts that I invited till now." 


by Virtual Campus


Hi,As indicated in the invitation page: "For every referral that creates an account and receives a submission, you’ll each get one free month of the premium plan"

The "pending" status means that the teacher has signed up but still hasn't received any submission to complete the invitation process. 

Hope this clears up how the referral program works.

Best regards.

Sacha TopWorksheets 01/11/2023


Virtual Campus 01/11/2023