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How can I use a worksheet from another teacher with my students?


I was exploring TopWorksheets and I found a couple of very useful worksheets from another teachers and I wanted to know if I can use them with my students.

Also there is one with a little mistake, could I fix it myself?

by Krishna F



Yes you can use these worksheets with your students you just need to click on the "Assign task to students" link, select the group you want to assign and specify the rest of the task options.

If you are enjoying a premium plan you can also create a task for those worksheets in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams using the links "Create an assignment in Google Classroom" or "Create an assignment in Microsoft Teams".

If you found a mistake you can copy this worksheet to your account, only available for premium plan users, and you will be able to modify it and publish it as a private worksheet.

Hope that solves your doubts.