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How 'bout a LIVE lesson delivery format option for Top Worksheets ?

Could you please consider a way to create a LiVE lesson delivery format option for teachers who would like to facilitate a whole group, guided review of the worksheet content and/or design and implement Interactive Worksheets that can be incorporated into Guided Instruction for either small or whole group practice exercises. If not or until then, would you mind suggesting a method for application using the current platform features?

Thanks so much,

Ms. K. Price, MSEd, TEFL-C

by Ms. Price



I'm, sorry but we haven't completely understood your message and what you would need the platform to do.

Currently, you have the option to view task progress in real time, where you can see how your students are completing their work. You can see how it works in our help section

I don't know if this is what you need, but feel free to detail it a bit more and we will look into it.

Best regards.

Sacha TopWorksheets 03/01/2023