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Hi, so I know you've improved the highlight option to try to make it clearer. Thank you. However, it seems there are still some problems. For example, the incorrect answers are showing up so dark on one worksheet that you can't see the original answers, and on another it's showing different shades that don't seem to correspond to anything.

I have a suggestion/proposal: Would it be possible to just have correct answers highlight in green and wrong answers highlight in red? To clarify, not all the options would highlight in green when the answer is correct, only the correct answer chosen would be green. The others could just be clear.

Likewise, on incorrect answers, not all answers would highlight in red, only the incorrect answer would. While the others could be clear, or possibly the correct answer in this case could show in green. Please see attached illustration.

It's just still a bit confusing to see all the options highlighted and have to hover over each one. It seems it would be much clearer if only the correct or incorrect answer was highlighted. Thanks for considering. :)

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We are always open to improvements on our tools. But we can't fully understand the situation as no illustration has been attached to this message.

Please, attach the image and we'll investigate how to improve the situation.


Sorry about that, forgot to upload

First image: Proposed idea
Other images: highlight issues

Charlie Ziese 02/23/2023

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for attaching the image. After investigating the case you brought we have made some changes. We have changed the colors used to show what answers are correct or incorrect and the opacity used to show which ones were marked and which ones were not.

You can see the changes in the original submission you attached.

We hope this will help you to see better and faster the results.

Best regards.