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Formula Question


Math teacher here:

  • I created a formula question that is not graded for students to show their math work (the "math work")
  • another box for the students to enter their answer that is graded. (the "answer box")

However - I just watched a student type in their work to the "math work" and submit. Student re-entered worksheet and their "work" was gone. I reviewed another student and her work was in the "math work".

This is critical for students to make corrections and fix errors.


Kelly Lesko

by Kelly Lesko


Hi Kelly,

Please can you tell us wich worksheet is giving these problems? Also it'd be great to know the submissions you are talking about.

You can send us the details here or via email on support@topworksheets.com


Worksheet Name: U6 Practice 1 Angles of Polygons

Student: N. Schurman (I watched this student enter information into 4-7 in the math work box)

Student: A. Chavolla (I worked with her on entering work in the work box, her information was saved)

Kelly Lesko 01/04/2023

This just happened again on the same worksheet S. Tranguch. and A. Keim as well.

Kelly Lesko 01/04/2023

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the info. We are looking into it.

We'll give some update when it's fixed.

Hi Kelly,

We have analyzed the situation and made some changes to the way the "Written answer" and "Formula answer" fields that don't count towards the total score work. Now, on these fields, teachers won't be able to add correct answers. If students redo the task, the previous answer appears and can be changed but it won't count towards the total score.

Also we wanted to clarify something, which you might already know. For tasks that have been marked as "Allow students to resubmit the task by only doing incorrect answers from last submission", if students redo the task, incorrect answers from the last submission will appear empty so they can answer them again.

We hope that with this change everything works as expected.

I think we are saying the same thing...

If there is a field that does not count towards the total score - in any case - the work should be saved.

I will keep an eye on this and let you know.


As a math teacher, I want a field that allows students to enter work and is saved but not graded. (and it not be open-ended because I am not grading. I want stuents to dig into their own mistakes)

Kelly Lesko 01/05/2023