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February updates

Hi! To end February, here are the last TopWorksheets' news, we hope you like them!

My Gallery: This feature has been available for the last couple of weeks. It allows you to reuse any previously uploaded image in your worksheets. Just select My Gallery when adding an image to any field (Join, Drag&drop, Image, ...) or in the worksheet builder, and select one of the images that are already there to save time while creating new worksheets.

My gallery

Spoiler mode in Text fields: We have added a new mode in the Text field to hide the content initially. Students will be able to see the text by clicking on the blurred text. A very useful tool to show example answers without spoiling the answer at first.

Spoiler mode

Drag worksheets to folders: Organize your worksheets in folders quickly and easily. In "My worksheets" you can drag worksheets inside folders to organize them by concepts, courses, subjects or any way you want.

Speech to text: And last but not least, the new field type "Speech to text". This field will allow you to define a set of valid answers for a question that student will have to answer by speaking. The platform will convert the student's speech to text, so the question will be auto-graded. The perfect tool for speaking exercises. Warning: This feature is only available for Chrome and Safari.

Enjoy the TopWorksheets news.

by Christian TopWorksheets