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FCE Listening Papers


I found FCE Listening Papers with clear questions. However am unable to find the relevant audio files to play for the students. Without the audio recordings, how can the students complete the listening tasks? Where can I find the audio files for the listening tasks?

by Isha Aditi Dhar


The audio files are copyrighted material that must not be posted here (in fact, so is the text with the questions, but as it is useless if you haven't bought the original materials, I suppose the author thought it was all right; personally, I never publish anything I haven't written myself, to make sure I am not breaking the copyright laws or the terms of use of TopWorksheets).

Juan José 09/23/2023

Agree, then what's the point of posting the listening assessment papers if there's no recording?

Isha Aditi Dhar 09/23/2023

I suppose the teacher plays the recording in the classroom while the students answer the questions using computers, tablets or mobile phones. Making the worksheet public is free, but making it private costs money. 

Nobody said the worksheets we publish must be useful for other teachers as they are, since we don't get paid, but if I buy the original recordings, I can use the worksheet without having to make it myself, so I guess it is all right.

Juan José 09/23/2023