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Error Msg: Viewing task as teacher cant submit task. Need to authenticate Google Classroom Account

Hello, I keep getting the error message "viewing task as teacher and task won't be submitted..." I've tried looking up a solution but am not finding much. Can anyone assist me? I created the account, I've created an account for my daughter and I'm the guardian of that account. I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

by Faye


Hi Faye, 

A teacher that is logged into his TopWorksheets account can't submit a task in a Google Classroom group. To submit a task students must log in with their Google Classroom account. 

You can either log out of your teacher account and access the link of the Google Classroom task, or you can open the same link in an incognito browser window. 

We hope we cleared your doubts. 

Kind regards.