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Error correcting a sentence that ends in ... / …


Hi, I have a problem with an exercise where students have to answer with a sentence ending in three dots: I think the problem might be that their web browser is replacing the three dots with a single character, but I'm not sure. Could you check what's happened? This student has 8.3 marks, but she should have 10 because all the answers are correct. Here is a link:


It that's the problem, I suggest you include "..." and its one-character equivalent in the list of punctuation marks that can be ignored.


by Juan José



You are right, the three dots are being replaced by a single character by the browser or operating system.

We have added the three dots character to the list of punctuation marks, so this doesn't happen again. For his submission, you will have to manually modify the correction of the wrong corrected questions.

Thanks for your report!

Sacha TopWorksheets 09/26/2023

Yes, now it is working OK, and if the student forgets the three dots it ignores it. Thank you!

Juan José 09/26/2023