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Editing screen is a bit small

Hi! I'm wondering if there is any way to increase the worksheet space while creating/editing a worksheet. I've just found that the space is quite small and it can be hard to manipulate the worksheet.

I've tried zooming in to enlarge the worksheet so I can place or resize the boxes, etc. But the entire screen zooms in and it doesn't really help. 

When you click on preview worksheet it's nice and big and easy to see everything. However, I find myself having to adjust so many boxes after looking at the 'preview' mode because I realize many of my boxes are not lined up or sized incorrectly, so it takes additional time.

So if there is any way to enlarge the editing screen or to be able to zoom in on just the worksheet editing portion of the screen, rather than the whole screen. Or any other ideas to help with this...I would really appreciate it!


by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We'll investigate this, but just so we understand, the size problem is in width or height?

I don't know what device you are using but laptop screens can be very small in height and that can be a problem.

Anyway, please give us a little more details on this issue and we'll do our best.


Hi, when not zoomed in (up to 100%) - I feel that the problem is with width. The black editing section takes up a lot of space leaving a quite small window to manipulate the worksheet.

However, there also seems to be some additional white space at the top.

Overall though, if there was any way to make it so it was possible to zoom in on the worksheet (without zooming in on the entire screen), I think that would work best. That way you could zoom in on sections of the worksheet and make edits. Not sure if this is even possible. 

And yes, I am using a laptop and I understand that creates limitations on my side. But I think a lot of your clients might be as well, so it could be a problem for others. However, since maybe it doesn't affect others (with larger screens), it would be great if that option to zoom in only on the worksheet existed. That way you wouldn't have to change the structure for all, but those using smaller screens could work more efficiently. 

Thanks again for checking into this! 

Charlie Ziese 01/28/2023

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the clarification. We'll look further into this and we'll get back to you when we have anything about it.

Have a nice day.

Ok, thanks. :)

Charlie Ziese 01/30/2023