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Hello! Here you have the latest news and updates of the year, we hope you like them: 

Text to speech: We have a new field that will allow you to convert any text to audio format. Add this field to the worksheet to create listening exercises without having to record your voice or upload files. It is very simple, create the field and write the text you want your students to listen. Then, choose the reading speed and TopWorksheets will convert it to audio format with synthetic voice.

Resend a task so that only wrong answers can be answered: We have added a new option when assigning tasks to students. If you activate it, you would be able to resend your students a worksheet that they have already done so that they can answer those questions that have failed. This will allow students to resubmit the task, answering only the one that were wrong and reinforcing the content individually.

Improvements in Fill on image: From now on, you can resize the answers in this field. You can change the size of the boxes as you want and in proportion to the image you use. 

If you have any doubt or suggestion, leave it in the comments!

by Cristina TopWorksheets



iqraa Yasmin 01/01/2023

How do you actually reassign it?

Danielle Yates 01/24/2023

Hi Danielle, 

If you want your students to do the task from the last submission you can return the assignment if you are using closed groups. 

If your are using open groups you can let the students do the task more than once with the max times field and when the students access the task link again they will see the previous correct answers already filled out. 

If you have any additional question, please let us know. 

Some devices fail to use the feature. Some Apple users complained that text do not come out after the recording.. Any troubleshooting moves to suggest? Thanks 

Jom Learn English 04/08/2023

Jom Learn English 04/08/2023

Hi Jom,

We've seen that on some mobile devices the speech to text is not working correctly and we are investigating this to fix it.

We'll keep you posted when it's fixed.

Thanks. Appreciate your attention.

Jom Learn English 04/16/2023