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Completed worksheets

Hi, how will I be notified when students complete a worksheet? Do I need to click on each group to check or is there somewhere else I will get notifications? I thinnk my student has completed a worksheet but I can't find it. 

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We don't send an email when a student has completed a worksheet to avoid filling the teacher's mailboxes.

If you login into your account you will see in the sidebar the last groups with activity and a badge showing the number of new submissions. Like in the following image.

Also if you go to the Submissions tab in the group page you can see the unread submissions marked with a yellow badge.

And last, on the next day if you have unread submissions you will receive an email with a summary of all the unread submissions received the day before.

If you have checked all this and still can't find the submission, please tell us (here or via email) the group or task and we will take a look to see what could have happened.


Ok great! I see its working now, and I appreciate not getting emails everytime a student completes one. I prefer this method. Thanks so much again!

Charlie Ziese 10/21/2022