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Combine two worksheets


Is it possible to combine two worksheets - so they keep all the data fields (merge one worksheet into another document)?

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We don't have this option available in our platform, but we can combine 2 worksheets into a new worksheet for you if you tells us which ones.

Kind regards.

Great, thank you for doing this and I'll make sure I consider this. Do you think this could be a feature in the future, or is it too complicated?

Can you combine these two:
1. https://www.topworksheets.com/teacher/worksheets/view/unit-3a-fasten-your-seat-belts-sb-6494c5e649c9e 

2. https://www.topworksheets.com/teacher/worksheets/view/unit-3a-studentbook-p228-29-649b53fd4f8de

Thank you! :)

Charlie Ziese 07/02/2023


We will consider adding this as a feature. 

We will get back to you when they are combined. 

Kind regards. 

Hi Charlie,

We have combined both worksheets into a new one: https://www.topworksheets.com/teacher/worksheets/view/unit-3a-studentbook-p26-27-64a2d8b1ed721 And we left it in draft status so you can modify how you want.

Kind regards.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Charlie Ziese 07/07/2023