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Hi, my student is logged into her account but when she clicks on a group to access her completed materials - it is asking for a code. Is this normal? We tried putting in the code for the class but it didn't work and just transferred her back to the main page. 

This is the group link that it's happening to: 

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

This group has 1 student and she can see the group and tasks in her student account, she doesn't need to do anything special. If you are talking about a different student, as this is a closed group you need to add him/her manually from the group page.

Please let us know if this helps and if you need additional assistance.

Kind regards.

Hi, yes - it's just for the one student. She can see her pending tasks and the group icons (boxes) but when she clicks on her group to view her completed tasks, a box pops up and asks her to enter a 'code'. She showed me during our class. We tried to enter the group class code, but that didn't work. 

Charlie Ziese 05/01/2024

Here's a photo

Charlie Ziese 05/02/2024

Hi Charlie,

Looks like she is clicking on the button to join a group. To view her tasks and the group info she has to click on the group. The red highlighted area in the image below.

Thank you so much, this is probably the issue. Can't believe I didn't realize what was happening. My student is on a bit of a break so can't confirm, but I can message again if there's any further issues. Thank you! :)

Charlie Ziese 05/09/2024