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Can't shade and paste long answers to questions and the drawing pencil no longer exists


Dear friends of TopWorksheets, good afternoon. I am writing to you in order to help us again with the option of being able to shade and copy the answers to the open questions and thus be able to locate them quickly in the bank of correct answers. I generally collect the possible answers and it makes it easier for me to have them scored automatically and the student receive an immediate answer of the structure that they were expected to write from our worksheets. In the screenshot that I am sending, you can notice that it cannot be shaded as in the case of the small boxes with one-word answers, however, before it YES could be done without major inconveniences. Additionally, you have eliminated the drawing pencil which was very useful to locate a comment quickly.

by Byron Henriquez


Hi Byron,

We have answered in your other question. The selection of text on submissions has been fixed.

The Draw annotation tool had some issues that make it difficult to use and maintain, that's why we replaced with other annotation tools.

Have a nice day.

Thanks a lot!!! 🙏🏻

Byron Henriquez 03/27/2023