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Answers for highlight options are not clear


Hello! Is there any way to make the correct answers for the highlight options clearer. At the moment, it comes up green or red if they answer correctly or incorrectly, but it shows all options in this color. So you must hover over the answer to see which was selected. This has become quite confusing for my students.

Can there be a different color for the selected answer, or at least maybe a different shade for selected answers so it's immediately clear which of the options were checked? Thanks in advance for any advice or help on this one.

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

You are right, we are going to try to make it clearer to see what happened in the submissions' highlight fields i.

We will investigate this and get back to you.

Best regards

Thanks so much!

Charlie Ziese 01/31/2023

Hi Charlie,

We have updated the highlight field's color code and now it should be clearer which answers were checked or not and which are correct or not.

Also we made that students see the same as the teacher in the submission: different shades of green (for correct answers) and red (for incorrect answers) and the tooltip telling if the field was checked or not.

Hope these improvements make everything with the highlight field clearer.

Best regards.

Ok great, I'll try this out. Thanks so much. :)

Charlie Ziese 02/07/2023