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An error message when submitting worksheets


my student had to resubmit several times, this was a work sheet with a video question,

do you know what could have been the cause?

by Chandra Manning
15 days ago


Hi Chandra,

Sorry to hear that. Please, can you tell us the worksheet and the student that saw this error, we will investigate further this issue,

You can send us the information here or by email at support@topworksheets.com.

Kind regards.

Lesson 4: Reading Together Pg 47

Elle Pribble- 

Chandra Manning 14 days ago

Hi Chandra.

We have investigated this issue and it seems like there was some connection error. If your students try it again it will probably work without any issues.

Please let us know if it works.

Also we tried sending you an email regarding your worksheets but your registered email is not working, please contact us by email at support@topworksheets.com.

Kind regards.

Thank you I will let the parent/student  know

Chandra Manning 13 days ago