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Alignment issues


Hello, I'm having some trouble with the alignment on some worksheets. When I'm creating the fiels, it aligns fine. But when I look at the preview, they are not aligning well. Please see worksheet below as an example.


by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We have been looking into it. The problem is that they are not aligned in the editor, although it looks like it because of the wider borders.

We are going to add a new way to align multiple fields, so it's easier to make them look correctly. We will keep you updated when it's ready.

Sacha TopWorksheets 03/06/2024

Okay thanks, yes the thick borders in the editing make it really difficult to try to align them, so even if there was a way to reduce the thickness I think that would help. Thanks again! :)

Charlie Ziese 03/06/2024

Hi Charlie,

We think we have found a good solution to the problem. We have added a new feature to align all selected fields.

In the worksheet editor, you just have to select all the fields you want to align (hold Shift + draw a box around them with the mouse or Ctrl + click on the fields) . Then, in the sidebar, the new feature appears:

Just click on the desired button to align all selected fields. They will align with the lowest value, so if you select "Align left" all the fields will be aligned with the left-most field.

Hope this is useful to make the worksheets look nicer.

Sacha TopWorksheets 03/07/2024

Hi! Thank you so much for this amazing feature. I think this will be amazing in helping to align multiple fields. Love it!

However, I still feel that the alignment is not correct from the editing to preview of the worksheet. See attached image. The alignment in the preview seems to be fine, the entire letter is clearly inside the box. However, when I preview the worksheet, it almost cuts off the letter. This makes it difficult to identify where to draw the box without having to go back and forth from the editing to the preview screen multiple times.

Charlie Ziese 03/07/2024

Hi Charlie 

We have changed the way the color, that allow to know which fields have the same identifiers, is shown on this kind of fields. 

Now the color is not shown as a border, with the problems that this provoked, but as a inside border. So the size of the field is not affected. 

We hope this helps to align better the fields. 

Kind regards. 

Ok great, thank you so much!

Charlie Ziese 03/10/2024