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A suggestion: number of submissions in Task view


When I select a group and then on "Assigned tasks" and then I click on one task, I get a very useful list of all my students (those who have done it and their grades and those who haven't done it yet or are still doing it), but would it be possible to add another column that showed the number of times they have submitted it? It would mean adding the last column that appears when you look at "Submissions".

That would be very useful if, as in my case, I want to give them the opportunity to repeat worksheets for extra practice several times, but I want to keep a record of the score for their first try in my notebook, to have a more accurate idea of the general level of competence of the class for that task on their first try, not just the last one. If I can see who has sent more than one submission, I can check their first scores faster than if I have to check them all, one by one, or go through all the submissions to find the one I'm interested in, which is mixed with all the others.

by Juan José
10 days ago


Hi Juan José, 

We will add the number of submissions in that page, thanks for the suggestion. 

We will keep you posted. 

Kind regards. 

Hi Juan José,

We have added the number of submissions in the task view.

We hope this is useful for you.

It will, thank you so much!!

Juan José 6 days ago