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A suggestion: coloured fields for multiple-choice exercises.


When I import worksheets from Liveworksheets they all work OK automatically, except the multiple-choice ones (highlight and checkbox), which work in a different way. That means I have to reassign the identifiers, which in imported worksheets are the same for all the fields, and assign a different identifier to all the options in each question. However, it has sometimes happened to me that I THINK I have changed an identifier, but I have moved the mouse too fast or selected the wrong one in the list, and that causes an error which is hard to detect (I need to notice an error in the score assigned to an exercise) and hard to correct (I need to check all the fields one by one to find the error).

Do you think you could you use different colours for different identifiers, the same as in drag-and-drop exercises? That would prevent most of these errors, or at least make it much easier to find and correct an error.

by Juan José



We are already using different colours for every identifier, but after checking it we have seen that they are a bit transparent, which makes it difficult to differentiate them.

We are gonna try making the colors strong so it's easier to view the difference. We'll keep you updated.

Thanks for the suggestion. 

Sacha TopWorksheets 09/06/2023


We have made some changes to the Highlight tool and now it should be easier to differentiate the identifiers. 

We hope this is useful for you.

Sacha TopWorksheets 09/07/2023

Excellent, I hadn't realised there were coloured borders before, now they are much easier to see. Thank you so much!!

Juan José 09/07/2023