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2023 March Updates

Hi everybody,

Today we bring you the main updates in March, we hope you will enjoy them.

New version of the Canva collaboration

We've made some changes in our Canva collaboration to allow modify worksheets that have already been created. Add new pages to your worksheets or modify your current pages from Canva and take the most of Canva on your TopWorksheets' worksheets.

New verson of Canva integration

TopWorksheets AI open for everyone

We just made TopWorksheets AI available for all our teachers. Generate automatically and without any effort questions for your worksheets just by writing the topic you want. Add artificial intelligence to your classes. Checl it out on our Worksheet builder.

TopWorksheets AI

Assign Google Classroom tasks to specific students

When assigning a new task to a Google Classroom group we can now choose which students will be assigned this task to, assign it to all the class or select specific stidents if you only want them to do it.

Google Classroom integration is only available to premium users.

Assign specific students in Google Classroom groups

Co-teachers on Google Classroom groups

Now you can add co-teachers in your Google Classroom groups so the can manage the group, assign tasks, .... You just need to go to the Co-Teachers tab inside the group and add them with their email. Remember that they must have access to the class in Google Classroom and they must have a premium account in TopWorksheets.

Co-teachers in Google Classroom

Custom backgrounds on worksheets

Create worksheets with your customized design easily, you just need to select the background from you custom background's gallery and create the interactive worksheet.

Custom backgrounds are only available to users with the Platinum plan.

Custom backgrounds

by Christian TopWorksheets