Language: Vietnamese
Subject: Tiếng Anh > Ngữ pháp
School grade: Vietnam Vietnam
Choose the correct answer
1. My father likes ________ movie posters and coins.
A. watching
B. playing
C. collecting
D. going
2. Sarah likes _______ martial arts everyday.
A. doing
B. playing
C. collecting
D. going
D. going
3. What do you like ______ in your free time?
B. doing
A. does
D. do
C. to doing
4. What are you doing? - I _______ TV at home now.
A. watching
B. is watching
C. am watching
D. to watching
5. We could either go to the arcade ____ the zoo.
A. nor
B. or
C. o
D. ror
6. He goes skateboarding by ______ .
A. herself
B. themself
C. himself
C. hisself
7. Let's _____ to the zoo.
A. go
B. goes
C. going
D. to go
8. They play shuttlecock by_______ .
D. themself
A. himself
B. theirself
C. themselves
9. He ________ soccer at the stadium now. (play)
B. play
C. plays
D. to playing
A. is playing
10. _______ : a place where you can play different kinds of video games.
A. circus
B. amusement park
C. water park
D. arcade