Hindi Quiz

Language: Hindi
Subject: हिंदी > साहित्य
Age: 15 - 16
Q-7: He is a famous writer, Who is He ?
Q-1: Which Hindi writer is known as 'Upanyas Samrat' in Hindi ?
Q-2: What is the real of Munshi Premchand ?
Q-3: On which day Hindi Diwas is Celebrated every year ?
Q-8: How many Languages are there in Indian Constitution ?
Q-4: Which Leepi is used for Hindi Writing ?
Q-9: Who is First 'Rashtra Kavi' of India ?
Q-5: Which Movie is known as the first Movie of Hindi ?
Q-10: Who is known as 'Kalam ka Sipaahi' ?
Q-6: Which book is known as the first published book in Hindi ?