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How to manage worksheets in a workbook

Once the workbook is created and worksheets have been added to it, you can manage these worksheets to personalize or adapt them to your groups.

To manage the worksheets in a workbook, go to the My workbooks section. In the list of workbooks, click on the workbook you want to manage.

A grid will all the worksheets will be displayed. By clicking on each worksheet, you can perform actions on them:

  • View worksheet: shows the sheet as the students will see it.
  • Edit worksheet: you can modify the worksheet to add answers, change its design, add pages, etc. This will not modify the original worksheet, only the one contained in the workbook.
  • Show correct answers: you can see the correct answers to the various questions contained in the worksheet without needing to edit it.
  • Hide in workbook: if you don't want students to see the worksheet from their student page, for example, if you haven't reached the corresponding section in class yet, you can hide it and show it later.
  • Remove worksheet: this will delete the worksheet from the notebook, and it will no longer be accessible from it.

To change the order in which worksheets are shown, click on the worksheet you want to move, hold the button down, and drag it to the new position.

Additionally, by clicking the More actions option, you can perform various actions on the workbook, as edit its options, archive it (if you no longer need it), or delete it (if you are not going to use it anymore).