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How to save your worksheet

Once we have added all the fields and questions we want to the worksheet, we must save it to have it available in our account and to be able to share it with our students.

Before saving it, we must first fill the title of the worksheet in the input on the upper left part of the screen. Once the title is filled in, click on the Save button on the right side of the same top bar and a window will be displayed, where we must fill some additional worksheet data.

First of all, we must set the status of the worksheet. By default, the worksheet will be public and available to be used by other teachers. If we still have not finished editing the worksheet but we want to save it to continue later, we can select the Draft option. And if we want the card to be available only to us we will save it as Private.

Then we must set the language, subject and matter associated to the worksheet, so it will be much easier to find the worksheets we are looking for, as well as having them all grouped by subjects.

You can also set the country and level of the worksheet, helping other teachers know if the worksheet is suitable for their students and also making it easier to find the worksheet that best suits each group. In case we set a country and level, the minimum and maximum recommended age will be automatically filled in. Otherwise we can fill in these fields manually.

Finally, we can set a description and tags for the worksheet. The description will be displayed next to the card when the students open it. The tags will help us to better classify our cards and make it much easier to find them later on.

This window will only appear automatically on saving the first time you are editing a worksheet but you can edit this data anytime using the Edit worksheet data link on the top bar.