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View student's task progress in real time

TopWorksheets closed groups have a lot of benefits: you don't need to share any link with students, tasks are always visible to them and many more.

One of the most important features of closed groups is the ability to check the student's work in real time.

To see student's work in real time we need to assign a worksheet as a task to our closed group. Once students start doing the task, the answers they input and their progress will be automatically saved in their accounts.

To check this progress in real time, we must browse to the specific task page (we can do this from the tasks list in the corresponding group page). There, we can see the list of students from the closed group and the status of each student's work, which can be Pending (the student hasn't started to do the task), In progress (the student is currently doing the task) or Turned in (if it's already finished), as you can see in the following image.

Students' task progress

For students which are currently doing the task, we can click on the In progress link to open a new page where we can check the answers that the student has entered at this moment. This page will reload itself so it will keep updated with the results that the student is entering.