American Civilization 2

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American Civilization 2

-> date of the 1st elections under the new constit ?
(George Washington = federalist)

Date of the creation of the 1st Bank of the US w/ the Bank Act (by Hamilton, secretary of treasury) ?

=> influence of french revo :

Democratic-Republican societies (Madison or Jefferson)

supported Fr / strict interpration of the US constit

backed (soutenir) Britain / loose interpretation of the US constit


--> Name of the commercial treaty that established British Naval Supremacy ?

Kley Treaty

John Treaty

Jay Treaty

-> Name of the next prdt (a federalist) ?

==> the beginnig of a judicial review :
--> In 1798 = The A… & Sedition Acts = vs the (nb) amendment => freedom of the p… 
-> In response = The V… & Kentucky resolutions drafted by Madison & J… ==> declared the act u… 
--> affirmed s… authority to determine the validity of f… legislation