"The Magic Piñata"

Language: Spanish
Subject: Inglés > Lectura
School grade: Mexico Mexico > Otros > Adultos
Age: 10 - 80

"The Magic Piñata"

Once upon a time in a small village in Mexico, there lived a young girl named Maria. She was known for her kindness and helpful nature. One day, while walking in the market, she came across a magical piñata. The piñata could grant one wish to anyone who could break it.

Excitedly, Maria took the piñata home and invited her friends to join in the fun. As each friend took a turn, the piñata seemed stronger than ever. Finally, it was Maria's turn. She closed her eyes, swung the stick, and the piñata burst open, showering everyone with candies.

Maria made her wish. Instead of asking for something for herself, she wished for happiness and prosperity for her village. Miraculously, her wish came true. The village flourished, and the people were filled with joy.

From that day forward, Maria's act of selflessness and her belief in the power of kindness became an inspiration to all. The magical piñata served as a reminder that sometimes the greatest gift we can receive is the happiness of others.

What did Maria buy at the market?

Who broke the magical piñata?

What was her wish?